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Hello Everyone! It’s almost Thanksgiving :D and I thought I would share a few things for what I am grateful for.
1. My Education- I’ve spent A LOT of money on my education and it is easy to get burnt out from school. Although I’ve just been observing/some teaching in the classroom this year, I’m ready to be done with school and finally start working as a teacher!
2. My family/friends!! Since 2005 or so, my family(s) have grown! I started out with one intermediate family, then two, then three and now with Garrett’s family 4! I’m especially thankful for Garrett’s family because they have helped us out with so much! We will be spending Thanksgiving with them this year!
3. Garrett- Although Garrett is part of my family, I am very thankful for him and what he does as his career. He helps and supports me so much with school, couldn’t be more grateful
4. My Home- It’s been awhile since I’ve lived in my very own house. I grew up living in apartments which was my home, but it’s definitely different than living in the house. Garrett was able to by us a house and I absolutely love it!
5. My students- As I mentioned, I am very grateful for my students. Without them, I wouldn’t be earning my California Teaching Credential this June!

I also wanted to do a post on this new little guy that joined our family back at the end of September. Bear is a german shepherd/ alaskan malamute mix. He is so friendly and LOVES people. He is such a social dog and I’m so happy that he’s become part of our family.

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Updates: Last weekend and this week

Hello Everyone!
So last weekend Garrett and I found a lot of great items at a garage sale. Since I am on my way to becoming a teacher, I found a ton of elementary age school books. All I need to do is go on the website that tells me the grade level and label them.
We also found a singer sewing machine, AND I am OBSESSED!


This week I have been trying to focus on many things…first passing my CSET 2, school work and my health and fitness goals. I’ve really been trying to stick to the TIU workout and eating plan.
So far this week I’m at 12 by christmas!
Workouts: Running 2 miles two days per week
Walks with bear (20 minutes)
toning workouts

I’m very happy that we moved because now I can enjoy this view while I run! By the way I cant wait until bear gets his last parvo shot! then he can come with me :)
Follow me on my fitness instagram! motivationbymallory

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Alice in Wonderland…Halloween Haunted House

I was really excited when Garrett’s family decided to do a haunted house for Halloween. Although I have been extremely busy with school, I was part of it on Halloween night

Here are some of the photos from their haunted house! This took over 1 month to plan as well as working on the items everyday.










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Updates: My True Motivation

As you all know, I’ve had a busy schedule these last few months. Now, I get it. I’ve made that excuse a lot lately and it’s no bueno. I feel like I haven’t really been consistent with the blog and I’m trying to change that around.

I don’t care what ANYONE says… becoming a teacher is difficult. I’ve had to take 4 tests based of knowledge content, 4 (30-50 page) case studies as well as the RICA test coming up in January. It’s tough but it’s all worth it. I thought since I have a pretty crazy lifestyle, I want to spread my motivation to work with others.

I am also getting married next year….woot woot! So far, all these tests and the crazy school schedule has caused me to really put my weight loss goals on the back starting tomorrow (since it’s 9:52 pm here) I will be enforcing the Paleo diet along with a consistent 4 days a week work out schedule. I will need to meal prep for the week as well as figure out a way to diminish my sugar cravings. Although I will have cheat meals, I will do my best to stick to Paleo.There are several people who I know personally and have seen through pinterest who have really inspired me.
I’m going to do a combination of my own workouts, tone it up work outs, HIIT work outs, WOD , Dalis Connell and so on and so on. I’m not going to stick to a particular program. I’m going to have certain days where I focus on legs, arms, carido and abs. I also just recently got a puppy and will be doing a lot of hiking :) I have to keep up with my 1st, 5th and 6th graders :)

With that being said…I’m going to do an epic Halloween post tomorrow that will be available Nov 1. My fiance’s family LOVES Halloween and I enjoy spending Halloween with them :)
P.S. I know I need to get better at this whole picture thing…

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